Why Your Real Estate Office Needs a Mobile Website

Mobile web design is the newest trend to affect the world of Internet marketing, and it is a trend that is not going away.  

Given the fact that most people these days access the web from their mobile devices more than from their computers, it stands to reason that you simply cannot afford not to cater to this large (and quickly growing) sector.  

There are a number of ways in which your business could benefit from going mobile.  

Here are the reasons why your real estate office needs a mobile website:

Listing directory:  

You can maintain a database of your listings on your mobile website, so that any and all of your mobile customers will have instant access to the properties you are representing.


As you know, many of your clients call you while on the road, house hunting.  

They see your sign in a front yard and dial the number, right?  

Having a mobile website with a GPS feature to direct these potential customers to is a great way to lead them straight to other properties they may be interested in, and then straight to your office.


Studies show that mobile web use is overtaking desktop and laptop web use.  

As a matter of fact, a staggering number of people access the web solely through their mobile devices, skipping the computer thing altogether.  

Realty is a numbers game, and you simply cannot afford not to cater to mobile web users.  

Building your mobile website increases your reach and broadens your marketing horizons.

Ease of Communication:

Real estate transactions are complicated.  

One way to ease the process is to provide a simple, concise breakdown of the steps via your mobile website.

Any time you speak with a customer who is on the go (which is most often the case), you can send that customer to your mobile site to illustrate the details of the process.


Real estate is a highly competitive field to be in, and mobile web design is a relatively new practice.

Having a mobile website puts you at the forefront of current marketing and customer service practices.  

Jump on board the mobile trend before your competition does and you will be a step ahead of the game.

As a real estate professional, there are many ways in which you and your clients can benefit from you having a mobile website.  

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers.  

Hire us, Work Smarter Marketing, to help you build your mobile website.

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